Together we think global and act local, building evidence with our partners. Our donors fund innovative and scalable humanitarian products created with locals, for locals. You can access the list of our publications here.

We build evidence & we innovate.

Since we began in 2016, we have grown from 3 to 18 staff members and from 10 volunteers to 35 professional & 30 Master student volunteers across multiple disciplines. One vision has grown into four categories that cover multiple Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) that avail of the latest data science techniques:

1. Disaster preparedness (Digital Risk Assessment) 3 MVPs
2. Early warning early action (Predictive Impact Analytics) 3 MVPs
3. Disaster response (Emergency Data support) 2 MVPs
4. All Disaster phases (Direct Digital Aid) 1 MVP

These MVPs use Machine learning techniques, Inclusion Algorithms, AI Automatic Damage assessment, and embedded privacy by design, using blockchain for digital identity systems.

These 4 categories are supported by Data & Digital transformation services that help to implement the MVPs with our core clients, any of the Red Cross National societies across the globe.

These 9 MVPs, together with our digital transformation services, have successfully reached 33 of the 191 National Societies, created on the back of 47 projects that span max 1-2 years, with 23 sources of funding.


510’s Purpose is to improve the speed, quality & cost-effectiveness of humanitarian aid by using & creating data & digital products. Our partners’ skilled employees help us reach that goal through research, development or implementation of 510’s categories, products or services. We recruit from partners who have a common vision on moving 510’s purpose forward. Before we begin working together, we create an MOU, align the tasks and goals we need to achieve together to help 510’s work, creating sprints to achieve these in an agile manner with their skilled employees.

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