CARLA MEIJERINK was a master thesis Student at 510 and has just graduated from MSc. Innovations in Public health at University Twente. You can read her thesis “Does behaviour impact the vulnerability of the Philippines community to Dengue incidence?” here

1: How did you end up doing your master thesis with 510?

I first came into contact with 510 through my volunteer work for the NLRC. Some of my co-workers have brought their work to my attention. They considered it to be a great option for me since it is a combination of two of my passions namely, humanitarian aid and data analysis. I got really interested and saw there was an master graduate opening on the EPI FRAMEWORK project. I sent an email and got invited for an interview. I talked to my university and that’s how I got in.

We would like to congratulate Who graduated with a MSc Health Sciences She wrote her thesis on and has just started her new job

2: Where do you see 510 in 5 years?

I hope that 510 has done great things in 5 years and I also hope the EPI FRAMEWORK is fully optimized, implemented and functional in the Philippines.  510 creates highly relevant technical tools to support humanitarian aid with evidence based support. This last half year I’ve seen it grow, I think the team will keep growing and will be doing great and amazing things.

3: What’s coming up for you in the future?

I really hope to find a job that combines data analysis with public health, where I can really challenge myself and keep learning more data science techniques and project managements skills. I am not looking for just technical skills but also for a coaching element since my strength is to translate IT-language to a language that everyone can understand. For the current future I’m focussing volunenteering as a data analyst during the walk of the world.

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