We support you with research & development using data and technology to increase the speed and effectiveness of your humanitarian operations. This includes feasibility studies, identifying user requirements, and reviewing existing solutions.

Our team members are keenly aware of the innovative products & services on the global market that are building the next-generation of both commercial & humanitarian operations. Through our research and development, we help you identify the best opportunities for data across all our services offered from literacy through to collection, storage and visualisation. We create use cases and proof-of-concept strategies, detailed activities, and develop to implement full-scale solutions.

Existing solutions review

Our researchers investigate current practices and solutions, producing an overlap and gap analysis with respect to the user/client requirements and needs.

OUTPUT: An Inventory of existing solutions on the user requirements and system components

User requirements analysis

We support you with having a clear understanding of requirements as early input to research and development projects in the field of humanitarian innovation.

OUTPUT: Interviews, working sessions or co-creation to identify user requirements for a new solution/software



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