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Due to heavy floods in Asia, the Red Cross is making a special global call. The non-governmental organization is not asking for money or supplies but is looking for people to identify disaster areas using the internet.

In Nepal, Bangladesh, and India more than 16 million people are affected by the severe flooding. There is a shortage of food, as well as water contamination. The floods have already claimed the lives of hundreds of people. More than a third of Bangladesh and Nepal are under water.

Due to the continuing rain, the Red Cross fears that the situation is further deteriorating. The NGO provides assistance with food, clean water, and shelter, but in some areas it is difficult to get supplies to the right place.


No maps or old maps

Many areas are yet to be mapped out in Nepal. In addition, since the earthquake event of two years ago, many roads have become inaccessible or damaged. As a consequence, available maps are mostly unusable. As a result, the Red Cross is challenged in identifying who & how to reach areas where the most help is needed.

The organization is therefore calling people from all over the world to help map the disaster areas over using the internet. With the help of MISSING MAPS & 510 Data team at the Netherlands Red Cross, and recent satellite imagery, volunteers can mark roads, buildings, and rivers. The Red Cross also hopes to discover open spaces where helicopters can land.

The aid organization hopes for many responses to this call.

Those resources should be available to people as soon as possible. Then we need all the possible help,   says Iris van Deinse (Red Cross social media editor).

If you want to assist or know someone who can; you can learn how to map here.

A quick introduction to mapping in OpenStreetMap.

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