In Kenya on May 9th a Dam Burst in Solai & Nakuru.

Below is an overview of the Disaster Specific Products created by 510 & partners using the Data Driven Decision process.


Disaster assistance anno 2018

May 10, 2018. A dam burst in Kenya causes a flash flood. After the water is gone, the area affected is all but mud and debris. Due to poor quality maps Aid workers have no idea how many people lived in the area before the burst and have difficulty estimating how much help is needed.

Within hours, remote volunteers respond to our call to action. Using per-disaster satellite imagery, on Humanitarian Open Street Map, they map all the buildings and roads in the area overnight. Meanwhile, experts at 510 data team combined with the visiting Malwai Red Cross Data Team perform a flood analysis to estimate the extent of the area affected.

The result? A map with a clear estimation of the number of buildings affected, and their original locations. This “simple” map attached, is extremely valuable information for emergency workers on the ground. All this is thanks to the rapid collaboration between our experts and professional volunteers.

Want to be a part of such a team? See what skill sets we are looking for and how you can contribute, we look forward to working with you on making humanitarian aid, faster and more efficient.


On Monday the were training on flood extent with by Thursday they were training real time with !

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