You are an enthusiastic, self-organizing professional, student or volunteer who is interested in being part of a wider team. You think that organisations and companies should handle data responsibly and need to make every effort to ensure that they do not cause harm to anyone through the data they process. You also believe that the EU General Data Protection Regulation is, in essence, a good thing and reflects the way society currently thinks about privacy and the protection of personal data.


You see the potential of data and digital technology in the humanitarian sector and want to enable stakeholders to take advantage of the opportunities provided by them. You also understand that there are risks associated with using data, in particular, personal data and make it your personal mission to make sure everyone understands these risks.

You think the 510 data responsibility policy is a great step in the right direction, but you already see opportunities for improving it.


Any of the following things, because we have many ideas for taking our policy to the next level! Contact us if you want to help out with one or more of the following topics:

-Creating an online introductory course on data responsibility
-Creating an online quiz on data responsibility
-Researching the topic of Artificial Intelligence and data responsibility
-Organizing an international event on data responsibility
-Daily support to data responsibility implementation at 510, for example:

* Investigating current topics such as copyright law vs. data mining
*Supporting project teams in 510 in mainstreaming data responsibility into a new project(s) or existing ones
*Implementing the recommendations of the data responsibility audit

If you have a great idea for our data responsibility policy that is not mentioned here, please let us know!

Graduates, if you have specific research questions that you think would fit in this initiative or if the initiative inspires you to come up with, let us know.


Depending on the parts you would like to contribute to:

-Interest in the opportunities provided by data and digital in the humanitarian sector
-Research and analysis skills
-Writing skills
-Training (development) skills
-Ability to translate policies into practical advice
-Good knowledge of English


Depending on the parts you would like to contribute to:

-International development/disaster response
-Policy development
-Privacy/personal or otherwise sensitive data in the digital domain
-Online training
-Responsible Artificial Intelligence


This is a volunteer position for which:

-We ask you to come to our office in the Hague regularly.
-The amount of days you come to the office depends on how you self-organise.
-We reimburse travel costs
-You need your own laptop to work from

Please contact via email if you are interested and want to know more.

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