We support you in reading, creating and communicating data as information, as well as helping you understand the opportunities and risks of using data.

510 believes a digital and data-driven transformation of humanitarian aid will only happen if we invest in building data literacy. We collaborate with our partners to build capabilities so they can impact the speed, accuracy & efficiency at which they implement Humanitarian aid.

Our approach combines hands-on coaching & training during projects & disaster phases alike, along with immersive learning experiences. Our programs are flexible and tailored to your organization’s needs—whether you’re building new skills & procedures within your daily activities or actively creating data teams. In addition to our focus on building your data capabilities, we take an active role in panels & forums for executives and thought leaders on emerging humanitarian aid trends.



We identify your data needs, assess the availability of this data in society and within your organization, and identify & highlight the gaps.


Data Responsibility

We support you with implementing a Data Responsibility policy. Based on our experience, example policy, guideline and tools, we help others to understand the consequences that the use of data could have.

Data team capacity building

We support you to initiate a data team within your organization. We offer team leader coaching, data analysts and GIS role training. Your team members are also welcome to receive an in-house on-the-job training/work experience in our office.


Standard operating procedures

We support you to implement data and digital solutions in your everyday practices. This can include updating standard operating procedures.



We offer training for:

1: Openstreetmap editing and analysis


3: Surge information management

4. Data responsibility





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