We support you in gathering and measuring information on your main indicators. Data collection can be done in-country, or remotely by our team through publicly available data, or by using alternative data sources such as satellite data.

Our information managers, data analysts, GIS experts and data officers source the most relevant data at open data portals from agencies, NGOs and local governments. We work hand in hand with local communities to verify the relevant data an collate it so as to positively impact EWEA and speed the process of DRR. If we are missing data we collaborate with other actors to find out if it is available somewhere, or we leverage our network of remote mappers to capture & generated data sets, for both models and maps alike.

Mobile Data Collection

We support you to implement the RAMP methodology for mobile data collection. We can train your staff, trainers and volunteers on a number of mobile data collection tools, such as Open Data Kit (ODK), OpenMapKit, Akvo Flow and Magpie

Open Data Search

We perform open data searches for relevant indicators. We collect, collate and verify open data to populate indicator frameworks such as the INFORM framework.

Satellite Imagery Tracing

We can collect geographical data for your project areas through our Missing Maps project. Volunteers will trace satellite imagery to digitize buildings and roads. Through field mapping, we can support you with data collection of points of interest, such as water points, sanitary facilities, schools, evacuation sites and more.



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