510 believes that real impact starts with accurate insights that help humanitarian aid agencies make better decisions. We apply analytics and modeling, to extract meaningful insights in a timely & accurate manner that can be acted upon faster.

With a large quantity of data, or different types of data, our analysts can support you with inspecting, processing, transforming and modelling. This will help you to observe trends and aquire a deeper understanding of the data.

We have a wide team of Data Analysts from various backgrounds from both humanitarian & commercial sectors. We can quickly and accurately assess data sets & apply both Impact and Risk analysis either as part of DR, DRR & EWEA.

Assessment Data Analysis

We support with analysis of assessment data collected after e.g. a natural disaster to support decision makers.

OUTPUT: Statistics and charts for assessment data based on user questions.

Impact Analysis

We produce state of the art damage estimation models, that use historical disasters to estimate the impact of the current disaster. We can support you with such models for Typhoons/Cyclones/Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Floods.



Geographical dataset and map of the areas estimated to highly damaged after a recent typhoon (10 hours)

Risk Analysis

We can help you understand where drought and flood risk areas are. Our analysis uses open data to identify historical drought and flood events, and uses historical satellite imagery to idntify areas that have had more drought and flood than others.



DROUGHT: Geographical dataset of drought risk based on satellite imagery analysis and secondary data.

FLOOD: Geographical dataset of flood risk based on satellite imagery analysis and secondary data



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