We support you in gathering and measuring information on your main indicators. Data collection can be done in-country, or remotely by our team through publicly available data, or by using alternative data sources such as satellite data. Our information managers, data analysts, GIS experts and data officers source the most relevant data at open data… Read More


We support you with the combining data from different sources, to get an integrated overview and to produce key insights that can be used in decision making. At 510 we use data frameworks to combine data from different sources to produce new information. Implementing data integration requires a number of capabilities, including trusted sources of… Read More


The techniques used to communicate the results of data integration and data analytics by translating them into visual objects contained in graphics. The aim of data visualization is clear and efficient communication to end-users Dashboard development We can support you with the implementation of dashboards to visualize your data in a more interactive way. We…

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WHAT IS DATA LITERACY Data literacy the ability to read, understand, create and communicate data as information. Much like literacy as a general concept, data literacy focuses on the competencies involved in working with data. It is, however, not similar to the ability to read text, since it requires specific skills involving reading and understanding… Read More


510 believes that real impact starts with accurate insights that help humanitarian aid agencies make better decisions. We apply analytics and modeling, to extract meaningful insights in a timely & accurate manner that can be acted upon faster. With a large quantity of data, or different types of data, our analysts can support you with… Read More


We support you with developing a data model to capture and organize data, and to set up host databases. An overarching administrative process that includes acquisition, validation, storage and protection of data. The aim of data management is to ensure the data is accessible, reliable and timely for the end users.   Data modelling We…

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Data Sharing is the practice of making data sets available for use to other institutions, organizations or the general public, according to the agreed data responsibility policy. At 510 we work with many agency’s aggregators, NGOs and local governments. Develop APIs We support you to share your data more widely by developing application program interfaces…

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We support you with research & development using data and technology to increase the speed and effectiveness of your humanitarian operations. This includes feasibility studies, identifying user requirements, and reviewing existing solutions. Our team members are keenly aware of the innovative products & services on the global market that are building the next-generation of both…

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