Charlotte Hovenier has a BSc. in Geo Media & Design. She first worked as a graduate student and after her graduation she continued to work as a volunteer. Charlotte will soon start her new job as a junior graphic designer at a media company.

How did you hear about 510?

During my previous internship I told my boss about my interests and she said that 510 might be an interesting company for me. After reading the mission and vision on the website, I was immediately enthusiastic. When I was looking for a company for my company assignment, I knew immediately that I wanted to do this at 510.

What project are you currently working on?

During my company assignment I created a presentation template with a collection of all the visuals 510 uses. Many presentations are made in the last two and a half years in a simple visual format that everyone could use. Since we did not want to lose any valuable content, I gathered everything together into one presentation to keep all the visuals in one place for people to easily find them. I was also asked to gather all the icons/colour codes/logos and fonts ‘s in the back of the presentation so any team member can make a quick visual sketch which we can help improve to explain the work they are doing. This template is being updated all the time, that’s why it’s a living document. So someone could be making something right now. The presentation template helps 510 to reuse content and to be consistent as a brand. I have also created new and improved previous visuals where needed.

In addition to my company assignment, I started working at 510 on a graduation thesis. The aim of my thesis is to provide advice on guidelines for the design of humanitarian flood maps to help humanitarian organisations create more effective maps that meet users’ needs.

510’s purpose is ‘Improve speed, quality and cost-effectiveness of humanitarian aid by using data & digital products.’ How are your skills helping 510 reach its purpose?

My skills help 510 move forward on the quality and effectiveness of presentations, visuals and the website. As a student, I learned how to transform information into a meaningful context and to create a visual. By keeping all visuals in one structured place, people can easily find and update them, which ultimately saves time. The templates and visuals help 510 to tell their story in a clear and attractive way to reach their goal.

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